Dan’s ability to empower the people around him is the source of his success. Being able to impart the feeling of being a part of a larger goal is a trait the seems to come easily for him. Working for Dan drove me to perform at my best and elevate the performance of those around me.With the ability to provide solid guidance and real world examples of why things are done the way they are and offer tips for improving an individuals productivity, Dan has built a team that holds him in the highest regard.

Dan has been instrumental in building a best-in-class Account Management team at His attention to detail and ability to quickly identify solutions to any issues our clients are experiencing is truly amazing. I have recently had the opportunity to work closely with Dan and look forward to continuing this in the future. Dan is an asset to any team or environment he is a part of and I highly recommend him. Patrick Workman

Dan is a solid team player who brings the best out of everyone he works with. Always easy going and genuinely interested in problem solving, Dan is a strong contribution to any team. Ryan Dunn

I have worked with Dan over the past 3 years at as a colleague and also directly reporting to Dan. I have found Dan to be in incredibly hard worker with innovative ideas and always ready and available to get the work done. I have found him willing to give direction when needed and at the same time allowing you the freedom to complete the project as you see fit. He is willing to taken on any challenge that he is presented with and go above and beyond to make the team he works with and company he works for successful. I am confident he will succeed in any endeavor he chooses. Sue Cronin

This recommendation should bear extra weight as I was NOT a fan of UNTIL Dan got involved. So when Dan was first introduced to me I was NOT a fan of his company and I was…quite vocal about it. Let me give you a little back story…I am the Director of eCommerce at Marlboro Nissan and was asked to consult for our Dealer Group specifically our Jaguar franchise. I found that there was a horribly out of date website with little to no SEO strategy even less web traffic and our rep at seemed barely competent to answer a phone and return calls. So my first instinct was to dump this company and get a “better” company involved to get things moving in the right direction.

That is when Dan got involved. He listened to my complaints and offered a very fair solution with guaranteed results with the caveat that, if they failed to meet all criteria that I set forth after 90 days, we would be let out of our contract. He assigned us a new rep, Sue Thomas, who has been nothing short of spectacular! He has followed up to make sure we are happy with the progress and now after ONLY 1 month, our rank shows a 980% increase in traffic to our site! This must be a record! Now the company I was considering replacing them with that hosts our Nissan site is in danger of being replaced by and in no small part due to the customer service and follow up implemented by Dan. He is a tremendous asset to his company. Timothy Martell

It was a pleasure to work for Dan. He was approachable and kept the Account Management team well-informed and on track. He led by example and his calm demeanor contributed to the smooth functioning of the department. Carolyn Roesler

Dan Jackson is highly respected by his fellow colleagues and the Account Management team which he leads. He has been an integral part of growing the large Account Management team and ensuring the highest level of Customer Service in the industry, (as noted by third parties, such as the Net Promoter Score). Dan is a natural leader, and he excels as a smart consensus builder, working constructively with all departments at He has the initiative to move projects through the pipeline through often leading the discussion, ensuring feedback from colleagues involved in the process, and reviewing the follow up action steps for the team members involved with the project. Dan is also very personable, sincere, and straight forward in in working with his fellow DDC team members. He is highly respected by all at DDC. I have enjoyed working with Dan very much. Christian Manley

Dan Jackson and his team have built out an incredible Account Management program at, and continues to expand to adjust for the company’s growth. Dan has been on the fast track to leadership since the day he started as an Account Manager and quickly promoted to director within his first year. He’s played a direct role in creating solid relationships with clients and frequently visits them in the field to ensure they receive the highest level of customer service. His management style and organization skills are one of his best attributes and he is highly respected by those on his team and within the company. Greg Anderson

To Whom It May Concern:I am writing to endorse Dan Jackson as an excellent performer for, where he is a colleague of mine. Dan is the Director of Account Management for, which means he gets the real tough calls that nobody wants to take. In conjunction with that, he is also responsible for managing a department of over 40 people. Which means he has to make the tough calls, that not everyone likes. His excellent attitude, work ethic, and determination has allowed him to shine in this role. He listens to his employees and understands how to work within the system to create better opportunities for our client base and his team members. Scott Gale

I have worked with Dan for more than three years at During this time I have witnessed his high level of attention to detail, commitment, follow-through, as well as his many innovative ideas. He is extremely approachable, knowledgeable, has a clear view of the ‘big picture’ and knows how to translate that view so that others can share/implement his vision. Dan will make a great asset to any team! Michael McKennedy

Dan is a great resource for getting tough questions answered or decisions made within his department. His personality makes him very approachable and shows that he has a strong command of his team.As I work in a different team that works closely with Dan’s department I have always found him to be a fair manager willing to listen to all ideas/solutions to a clients problem. Very client and team focused, Dan is the guy you want on your side. Alan September

Dan Jackson is a positive, get things done, person. An asset to both the company and clients. Dan Durick

Dan has the perfect mix of a strong, efficient work ethic and an easy-going personality. He’s passionate about his projects and when chaos strikes there is no-one I would trust more at finding quick, effective solutions. Scott McCracken

Dan is a total team player. He is one committed individual to achieve his goals for and his team. Dan is by far one of the most professional, detailed oriented person I have worked with. It is an absolute pleasure working with him at all times. Vic Turselli