Highlights from My First Year at NYU’s Business School

Here is an article I wrote for the NYU Stern website to help them connect with prospective students. It summarizes some of the highlights from my first year in business school:

I am a current NYU Stern Executive MBA student and recently completed my first year of the program. I volunteered to share my experiences with you because I personally decided to attend NYU based on my own encounters with current students and alumni. Therefore, I encourage you to engage with us at Information Sessions and class visits. The marketing materials and business school rankings were all valuable but these sources do not offer the level of insight you will gain by speaking with the “existing customers” in the program.

Here are some key highlights from my first year in business school:

Net Present Value. Discounted Cash Flow. Time Value of Money. These concepts will wander their way into almost every class you take. So be sure to pay close attention to your initial set of finance classes. NPV, DCF and TVM are powerful tools that are immediately applicable to your business. You will learn how to properly value current and future cash flows. Our class had two spectacular finance professors and their international perspectives were as valuable as the finance and valuation topics they taught our class.

Professor Raghubir was our marketing professor for the core course. She has a deep portfolio of corporate and academic experience and offered an interactive class experience during our session with her. She taught us about different frameworks for understanding human motivation. This is one of the most powerful learnings from my first year because it is applicable to any business and helps you understand the type and magnitude of value you bring to your customers. In the end, these frameworks help you to achieve a clear understanding of the value you bring to your customers today. More importantly, you will also be able to determine ways to increase the value you deliver to your customers by understanding the needs that are most valuable to them. We used the Coca Cola case during this exercise to help us understand how powerful a brand can become by targeting highly complex human needs such as esteem and self actualization.

Your business school network starts with the 60 people in your cohort. We are fortunate to be surrounded by 59 unique individuals representing many different professions, industries, and cultures. I recommend attempting to establish a relationship with as many people in your immediate class because you may be surprised at the 2nd and 3rd degree connections each person ends up having. All your classes will be with your cohort in the first year of the program but be sure to reach out and connect with students from the other cohorts during events and lunches. I expect my classmates will be the strongest set of relationships I leave NYU Stern Executive MBA program with and am looking forward to joining other cohorts in my 2nd year elective courses.

Hopefully this has helped you understand what my first year at Stern entailed and I look forward to sharing my experience in the second year as new events unfold.